A note on condoms…

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I’ve had a few comments lately about the fact that my characters don’t use condoms, and I just wanted to address this quickly.  Of course, you should ALWAYS use protection when sleeping with someone new, especially if it is a random encounter in a club setting.  My books are fantasy sex.  While I describe the passionate interactions and submissives’ responses as accurately to my own life experiences as possible, I want to impress upon readers that this particular aspect of my books is NOT realistic.  In my mind, my characters are all on birth control (something that I sometimes address) and are either all regularly tested for STDs, or – in an even more fantastical world – STDs don’t exist.  Wouldn’t that be nice?
Okay, so hopefully that’s that cleared up.  In fact, I might start putting this disclaimer in my books just to make sure to get out the message!
Love to you all!  And remember: Safety is sexy!
Julia xxx

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