Impossible (Dual POV Edition)

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Hi y’all!

I’m doing something a little different. If you’re familiar with Impossible: The Original Trilogy, you might know that I also wrote the entire book in Sean’s POV a few years ago. Recently, I’ve decided to combine the two POVs into one streamlined narrative, with some minor alterations to the text. The story is the same, but there are a few differences. I am very excited to share this new edition! Impossible: The Original Trilogy and Impossible: Sean’s POV will no longer be available for sale. If you already have those editions, this new one will NOT replace them on your ereader. You will be able to keep them forever.

If you are interested in the new edition, it will be released for 99 Cents and FREE in KU on December 15. As a thank you to everyone who has been with Sean and Claudia so far, I’m including a BRAND NEW short story at the back of the new edition, Happily Ever After (An Impossible Series Christmas Special). I hope you will enjoy the book and short story! Thank you so much for your support over the years.

Much Love,
Julia Sykes xxx

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