New Releases—Fall 2015

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When is my next book coming out? The truth is, I’m not sure. I’ve been struggling with a lot in my personal life over the last six months, and it’s really affected my writing schedule. When I first started working on the RENEGADE Series, I had hoped to have all five books out by the end of August. Now, it’s mid-September, and I’m still not finished with ASSASSIN (RENEGADE #4).

I’d also hoped to have Highlander (Impossible #10) out by the end of October. At the moment, that just isn’t feasible.

I am writing as much as I can, when I can, but the process is taking longer than usual. I don’t want to rush and put out something that’s not my best work. I really appreciate your patience and commitment to my series. I wish I could tell you RENEGADE will be finished tomorrow and Highlander will be out by November. But if I tried to do that, neither of us would be happy with the results.

I promise I will keep you updated when I do have firm release dates. I really am trying to have ASSASSIN out by the end of this month. Believe me, no one wishes these books were ready to release more than I do!

Thank you so much for your enthusiasm about my books. Hearing from readers always makes my day! I’ll do my best to make sure ASSASSIN and Highlander are worth the wait.

Much Love,
Julia xxx

6 Comments on “New Releases—Fall 2015”

  1. Carol Schmidt

    absolutely Love your Renegade Series, OMG, cannot wait for Assassin, so ready, will be worth it!

  2. Sabrina Wollweber

    Hi Julia
    I wanted to let you know I really enjoyed reading the Renegade series. I’m looking forward to Assassin. Keep up the great writing! I understand about having personal issues and how it can effect your life. Reading is my escape from reality and without it I would probably be crazy… LOL.

    Thank you,
    Sabrina W.

  3. Candice

    Oh my gosh! It all started with impossible #1! I love this series. I read the series in maybe 3 days. Seriously can’t wait for the next book! Will it be Dex’s story?

    1. Julia Sykes

      Oh, awesome! I’m so glad you’re enjoying the series! Kennedy is up next in Centurion, which releases January 20. Then it’s Dex’s turn :)

  4. Cheril

    Hey Julia

    I really enjoyed The Impossible Series. I drove my husband nuts by reading to him my favorite quotes of the books. I really can’t wait for Dex’s story to come out in April. He has been my favorite FBI agent. Looking forward to him finally finding his special lady.

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