The End of the Impossible Series (Sort Of)

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For the last three years, the Impossible Series has been a huge part of my life and the cornerstone of my brand. It is with mixed emotions that I announce that Hero will be the final Impossible Novel. While there will still be short stories and novellas about current couples in the series, Dex’s book is the last new story set in the New York FBI field office.

I came to this decision for several reasons, but the most prominent is that the series has evolved so far beyond what it was in Sean and Claudia’s story that it is beginning to loose cohesion. What started as a set of serialized dark romance novellas has turned into a series of romantic suspense standalones.

For several months now, I have wrestled with this decision, but it felt right for Dex’s book to be the final Impossible Novel. We’ve been waiting for his HEA for seven books now, and he’s the last character in New York without a soul mate.

However, if you’ve been following the series (and I love you for it!), you know there are more characters in Chicago who haven’t found love: Dex’s hacker friend Sam; Josh Dover, the owner of Dusk; Colton Hughes, SVU captain for the CPD. I’ve had their stories in my head for a long time, and I fully intend to share them. Reed and Katie are still in Chicago, and Hero introduces us to a new character, Jason Harper, who is also in the Chicago FBI field office.

In this way, Hero serves as a bridge book between New York and Chicago. It allows us to say goodbye to our favorite couples and move into new territory. So, while the Impossible Series is officially winding down, this is the beginning of the new spin-off Subversive Series.

The Subversive Series will carry on with characters from the Impossible Series in Chicago. The books will be similar in tone: BDSM romantic suspense with a dark edge. I also have plans to revisit our Impossible Series friends in London (but that’s a whole other conversation, for another time).

I am in the middle of some major life changes, but I am hoping to have the first book in the Subversive Series out in the fall of 2016, at the latest. I will keep you updated when I have a release date in mind. Also, the Impossible Series short stories will continue this summer, when I release Wedding Knight. Smith and Lydia are getting married! I’m hoping to have Wedding Knight out by August.

Thank you so much to everyone who has been following the Impossible Series! Your support means the world to me, and I hope you will stick with me as I move into the Subversive Series.

You can pick up Hero, the final Impossible Novel, for pre-order exclusively through iBooksHero will be available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iBooks, and Kobo on June 20.

Much Love,
Julia Sykes xxx

8 Comments on “The End of the Impossible Series (Sort Of)”

  1. KATHY

    Looking forward to dex and to your new series. Have truly enjoyed the impossible series and I’m looking forward to the new series. Thank you for bring all our heroes to life.

  2. Cindy Beecher

    Absolutely love this series. I reread them all. Can’t wait for the next series you start. Thanks for writing stories for us.

  3. Leslie Mayo

    I so enjoyed reading the Impossible series. Still have to read Dex.
    Now I can’t wait for your new stuff. Sound like they are going to be a fun read. Thank you for being so talented.

  4. Cheri

    While I am sorry to hear that impossible series will be coming to an end I do understand. And I’m very much looking forward to your new series! Keep on writing I love your books!!

  5. Bev Kauffman

    Thank God your not totally giving up on all of our friends lol. I’am looking forward to the new series I’m sure it will be just as awesome. Thanks for all the hard work and great writing. I love it !!!

  6. Karolina

    Looking forward to Hero and the rest. I absolutely loved this series.
    I relieved there is more to come.
    Keep up the great work!!!
    I absolutely love your work.

  7. Carol Schmidt

    Have loved The Impossible Series, was wondering about Jason, didn’t think about Sam or couple of the others, cannot wait for Smith’s wedding, looking forward to your next series, love your books! Addicting!

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