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DL Promo FBHi Readers!

I am so excited to announce the arrival of Dark Lessons, the first book in the Impossible Series spin-off, the Subversive Series. If you’ve read the Impossible Series, you’ll know we briefly met Jason Harper in Hero and Valentines at Dusk. Dark Lessons is his story.

So you might be wondering, If it’s connected to the Impossible Series, why make Dark Lessons part of the new Subversive Series?

Well, the Impossible Series just hit Book #13, Hero, last June. By the time I got to that point in the series, there was no connection between Book 1 (Impossible) and Hero. I don’t want newcomers to my books to think they have to start reading at Impossible and work their way to Dark Lessons. I do try to write each book in the series to stand alone, and I want it to be clear that Dark Lessons is a fresh start. We’ve left New York behind for Chicago, since everyone in the New York FBI field office is paired up.

Dex and Chloe, Reed and Katie, Jason, and Sam are all still in Chicago. A few other familiar faces from the Impossible Series are there as well, including Colton Hughes and Josh Dover. I have stories planned for all of them, and a few others as well. All of their books will be interconnected standalone romantic suspense novels in the Subversive Series.

I hope this helps clear up any confusion! Newcomers are encouraged to read Dark Lessons as a standalone. To my loyal, awesome readers who have stuck with me on this journey, I hope you enjoy Jason’s story as a continuation of the characters you’ve come to know over the last several years.

Much Love,

Julia Sykes xxx

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