What’s Coming in 2015

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Hi Readers!

What’s next for 2015?  TONS of new projects!  I have two BDSM romantic suspense serials planned, two BDSM contemporary romances in the works, my erotic memoir, and at least four more books in the Impossible Series (Clara, Alicia, Dex, and Kennedy will all have their stories told).  Will all of these be finished in 2015?  Probably not.  But each series will be explored through at least one or two books this year.

After writing 356,000 words in 2014, I’m a tad bit exhausted.  I plan on taking it slow for January (if it’s possible for me to force myself away from my keyboard), and then hitting it hard again in February.  I’ll announce which project I’ll be working on next in the very near future!

Thank you so much for being part of a truly wonderful 2014!
Much Love,
Julia xxx

2 Comments on “What’s Coming in 2015”

  1. molly n.

    Hi Julia. I’m such a fan of your books. I love the impossible series, but I’m also excited that you have just released “Target.”. However, PLEASE tell me that book 10 will be out soon…sincerely


    1. Julia Sykes


      I’m trying to have Highlander out by the end of September, but I have to wait and see when RENEGADE is finished before I can announce an exact release date. I’m very excited to share Finlay and Alicia’s story!

      Much Love,

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