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Dimitri Abramovich ruined my life the night he abducted me. My friends freed me, but that couldn’t reverse the damage to my soul. I need redemption. I need vengeance. I’ll kill the head of the Russian Mafia if it’s the last thing I do, no matter what the cost.

I’ve tracked him to London, and I’m so close to taking him out. If he doesn’t take me first. We’re engaged in a game of cat and mouse. Unfortunately, I’m pretty sure I’m the mouse.

When my quest for revenge causes me to cross paths with sexy MI5 agent Hugh Sullivan, I have no choice but to seduce him to keep him blind to my mission. But I can’t keep my operation secret forever, and he won’t stand for my reckless vigilante methods. If I want to stay on the case, he demands my complete honesty… and my obedience.

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