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Captive Ever After  Julia Sykes Ecover.jpg

My beloved little sister was taken from me when we were children, sold by my sadistic brother to pay a family debt. I was too young to save her then. Too weak.

Now, my body may be scarred, but I'm stronger than ever. With my clever little pet by my side, I'm capable of anything. Samantha has finally located my lost sister, Valentina. The cruel men who have held her captive for over a decade will suffer at my hands before I allow them to die.

Valentina is closely guarded by a brutal drug lord, and he won't let his possession go so easily. I want to leave Samantha behind, to keep her locked away somewhere safe while I dispose of my enemies. But my fierce pet refuses to be caged, and I know that I can't do this without her.

My family is within my grasp, but rescuing Valentina might cost the life of the woman I love.

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