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Claiming My Sweet Captive Julia Sykes Ecover.jpg

Note: The first edition of Sweet Captivity (Samantha's POV) and Claiming My Sweet Captive (Andrés' POV) have been combined into one dual POV edition of Sweet Captivity in December 2023.

My sweet captive doesn't like to be touched. She will learn. She no longer has the right to refuse.

She flinches at the sight of my scarred face, but the way she whimpers and trembles makes perverse pleasure stir within me. I captured the little FBI agent while she was trying to take down my drug empire, and I can't allow that.

My pretty hostage possesses a stubborn streak and sharp mind, but her clever brain is no match for my iron will. I'll stop at nothing to claim her virgin body, no matter how many deviant punishments I have to devise for her.

No one will ever touch her again--especially not my cruel brother.

Samantha is mine to keep and protect. Mine to play with and punish. All mine.

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