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A woman on the run...
My Master is dead. He was my whole world. He was also my protector. Without his ownership, I've become a pawn to be used by the more bloodthirsty members of the Russian Mafia. To survive, I need to outwit them. If the man who helped kill my Master doesn't find me first.

A man on the hunt...
She put a bullet in my chest to protect the monster she called Master. I'd thought she was a victim, but she was a deadly adversary. Now, I'll stop at nothing to get my revenge. I'll bring her to justice if I have to chase her halfway around the world.

A forbidden attraction...
When MI5 agent Finlay MacClellan hunts down Alicia Camden, sparks fly. Obsessive hatred turns to combustable chemistry. Both struggle to use it to their advantage, wielding desire as a weapon.

But when Finlay discovers the truth of Alicia's dark past, can hate turn to love?

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