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Mafia Captive Ecover.jpg

Two darkly domineering alpha males.
One sets my body on fire.
The other makes me tremble.

And they swear they won’t let me go...

My ordinary life as a college sophomore becomes extraordinary when Joseph storms into my world and sweeps me off my feet. Our intense connection seems too impossible to be real, like a wonderful dream.


Until it becomes a nightmare.


Drugged. Kidnapped.


When I wake up, I find myself trapped in the arms of the man who was supposed to be my fierce protector. My sweet first love is a criminal, the son of a powerful mafia boss. And his best friend Marco—the terrifying, heavily-muscled man who abducted me—is a brutal enforcer.


They say they can't let me go, or their enemies might hurt me.


Despite everything, my heart still belongs to Joseph, and I can’t help surrendering to the fiery chemistry between us.


Marco’s rigid rules infuriate me, but his steady onyx stare and stern orders make something darker than anger burn low in my belly.


They swear they’ve kidnapped me for my own protection, but will staying close to my alluring criminal captors put me in more danger than ever?

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