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In the doldrums of 2020, I was inspired to write a new installment in Joseph, Ashlyn, and Marco's sweet and sexy romance. When I developed Theirs to Protect, I realized that I needed to rework their story into a trilogy. However, I wanted to do everything I could to ensure that no one accidentally pays for the same story twice. If you've already purchased The Daddy and The Dom prior to February 2021, here are all the details on what's new...

Mafia Captive Ecover.jpg

Mafia Captive (Mafia Ménage #1) contains material that was previously released under the title The Dom (prequel to The Daddy and The Dom). It has been revised and expanded to include some scenes from The Daddy and The Dom. While the storyline remains unchanged, I’ve made Mafia Captive FREE to download, so everyone can get the shiny new edition!

The Daddy and The Dom  Ecover.jpg

Similarly, the plot of The Daddy and The Dom (Mafia Ménage #2) has not changed. I set up the book listing so that no one can accidentally purchase the book twice on the same platform.

Theirs To Protect  Ecover.jpg

Theirs to Protect (Mafia Ménage #3) is a BRAND NEW story! Joseph, Ashlyn, and Marco are back with more swoon-worthy ménage romance and heart-pounding suspense:

Two darkly domineering alpha males.
They’re mine, and I’m theirs.
We’ll be together forever, a new family.

We’re supposed to be free: Joseph, Marco, and me. I’m not their captive anymore, and my men have escaped their criminal lives. Our new home in Boston is blissfully peaceful and safe.


Until it’s not safe anymore. Joseph’s father is a powerful mafia boss, and a ruthless usurper intends to demonstrate his viciousness by targeting Dominic Russo’s only son.


It doesn’t take long for this new enemy to figure out my fierce men’s greatest weakness: me.


All we wanted was a happy, normal life, but the men I love will do anything to protect me. I can’t bear to watch Marco sink back into the darkness that’d nearly swallowed his soul before we escaped. And my heart would break if Joseph—who’s always been good to his core—is forced to do something terrible in order to keep me safe.


My men are determined to protect me, but I’ll protect them too. They won’t allow me to be hurt, and I won’t allow them to be broken.


We’re a family. The three of us. Forever.

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