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For the first time ever...

I'm offering signed paperbacks to order for a very limited time! I've never sold signed paperbacks before, and I'm not sure if/when I will do it again. Until now, the only way to get one from me has been through giveaways or book signings. I'm really excited to do this!

The order form will close on July 7, 2024, and invoices will be sent out July 8, 2024. Books will be shipped by the end of August.

I am based in the UK, so there is a flat fee for shipping. Please make sure to fill out your address exactly as you would write it for a shipping label, as I will need to complete customs forms for many of the packages.

I'm looking forward to sharing my books with you! I've recently added some gorgeous discreet options, so they are all on the form. Click here to place your order.

Much Love,

Julia Sykes x

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