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Renegade 2020.jpg

I've been undercover for so long, I've almost forgotten who I used to be. I prefer it that way. My past holds nothing but pain, and I've buried myself in secrets and lies to hide from the awful truth.

Until a chance meeting with Lissa changes everything. She's sweet and innocent; everything the darkest parts of me crave. And everything I don't deserve.

For her sake, I try to stay away. I'm poison to the ones closest to me, and I won't risk Lissa to satisfy my own selfish desires.

But our single, intense encounter is enough to put a target on her back, and I'm not the only deviant man to become obsessed with her. I'll do whatever it takes to protect her from the madman who craves to break her and possess her.

He can't have her. There's no going back now. Lissa is mine.

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