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A life of duty...
FBI agent Clayton Vaughn has dedicated himself to protecting others, seeking to atone for a past mistake. His mission has been enough to sustain him, until he meets her: the vibrant but vulnerable woman who makes him hunger for so much more after one scorching night.

A woman worth saving...
Rose doesn't believe that happy endings exist for damaged women like her. Frightened by the depth of her connection with Clayton, she flees and tries to shut him out of her life. But when Agent Vaughn shows up at her apartment to arrest her brother for his involvement with the violent Latin Kings, he refuses to let her run from him. Her brother's criminal activities have put Rose directly in the path of danger, and Clayton won't leave her undefended.

Her heart and her life on the line...
Afraid of being vulnerable, Rose tries to resist her attraction to Clayton. But when the stubborn agent discovers that she responds to a firm hand, he decides to do whatever it takes to keep her safe. Even if that means dominating her to draw out her submissive nature and soothe her reckless defiance.

Can Rose learn to trust in his love and protection before it's too late?

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