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“You are a monster, Max.”

Max Ferrara warned me that he was a monster, but I didn’t want to believe him. I’d wanted to heal the scarred mafia prince and surrender to the fiery chemistry we shared.

Until he crushed my heart, and then I finally understood. He’s loyal to his criminal family, no matter how much I wish he were a good man.

I dug too deeply into the Ferraras’ crimes, and now I have their attention. And the Bratva conspiracy Max warned me about? I’m starting to fear that it might be true.

On the awful night he betrayed me, I told Max that we were done. But he won’t leave me exposed and vulnerable to his Russian enemies. Or his own brutal family.

I can’t escape my dark protector’s strong arms, and I’m no longer certain if I want to…

Note: This story was originally released under the title Torment & Temptation.

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